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1 胶州湾河口湿地秋冬季N2O气体通量排放特征 谢文霞
2 青岛市机动车尾气排放预测及其对空气环境质量的影响研究 王春艳
3 Waste heat recovery  and utilization in cotton manufacturing enterprise:energy saving and emission  reduction aspects of a case study. 朱敏
4 1株嗜盐聚磷菌的筛选及除磷性能初探 张培玉
5 基于景观格局的胶州湾大沽河口湿地生态安全 于蓉蓉
6 A  Design of Remote Monitoring System for Radioactive Environments in Difficult  Terrain  崔育倩
7 Partial  nitrification in a sequencing batch reactor treating acrylic fiber wastewater Jin Li
8 Biological sulfate  removal from acrylic fiber manufacturing wastewater using a two-stage UASB  reactor Jin Li
9 Pretreatment of  acrylic fiber manufacturing wastewater by the Fenton process Jin Li
10 Synthesis of network  reduced graphene oxide in polystyrene matrix by
   a two-step reduction method for superior  conductivity of the composite
11 Urchin-like ZnO  microspheres synthesized by thermal decomposition of
   hydrozincite as a copper catalyst promoter for  the Rochow reaction/
12 Effects of slurry  parameters on the leaching rate of coal pyrite in scrubbing SO2 with coal  slurry 孙文寿
13 Parameter effects on  SO2 removal with coal-slime scrubbing in rotating-stream tray scrubber 杨磊
14 Effects of slurry  parameters on the leaching rate of coal pyrite in scrubbing SO2 with coal  slurry 孙文寿
15 Parameter effects on  SO2 removal with coal-slime scrubbing in rotating-stream tray scrubber 杨磊
16 纤维素的选择性氧化及发展趋势 耿存珍,夏延致,全凤玉
17 求van  Genuchten模型参数的AM_MCMC方法 石晓磊
18 不同初始氧化还原条件下土壤中重金属的运移研究Ⅰ:单一Cd、Cu、Zn的土柱实验 于童
19 基于GLUE方法的饱和多孔介质中溶质运移模型参数不确定性分析 林青
20 Modeling  Copper Transport in Saturated Sandy Loam Column 纪书华
21 Study  on Simulation of Heavy Metal Transport in Soil Using PHREEQC 纪书华
22 characterization  and  investigation of polyamide 6  nanotubes prepared by a novel solution wetting method 李建江
23 Growth  of Silicon/Carbon microrods on Graphite Microspheres as mproved Anodes for  Lithium-ion Batteries 朱小奕
24 MnO2/Graphene  Nanocomposite for Use in High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries 朱小奕
25 The  Research of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Mode in Rural Areas in China 崔育倩
26 Titanate-based  adsorbents for radioactive ions entrapment from water 杨东江
27 Enhancing  Photoactivity of TiO2(B)/Anatase Core–Shell Nanofibers by Selectively Doping  Cerium Ions into the TiO2(B) Core 杨东江
28 Silver  oxide nanocrystals anchored on titanate nanotubes and nanofibers: promising  candidates for entrapment of radioactive iodine anions 杨东江
29 Spectrum  analysis of the reduction degree of two-step reduced graphene oxide (GO) and  the polymer/r-GO composites 佘希林
30 Flower-like  ZnO grown on urchin-like CuO microspheres for catalytic synthesis 朱永霞
31 Template-Free  Synthesis of Mesoporous Hollow CuO
   Microspheres as Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries
32 A  Review of ecological stoichiometry characteristics of carbon  nitrogen/Environmental Engineering/1(827) 谢文霞
33 SO2  removal with coal slurry in a double-stirred vessel 孙文寿
34 The  Numerical Simulation Of Groundwater In The Baisha River Area 冯娟
35 Cutoff  Wall Construction Effect of Groundwater Dynamic in the Lower Area of Dagu  River 赵全升
36 黄河三角洲新生湿地土壤对营养成分和碳的扣留 丁玉蓉
37 Comparison  between MBR and A/O processes treating saline wastewater 李津
38 Partial  nitrification in a sequencing batch reactor treating acrylic fiber wastewater 李津
39 ASBR反应器厌氧氨氧化脱氮Ⅱ:反应动力学 李伟刚
40 菌株ZD8的分离鉴定及其异养硝化和缺氧/好氧反硝化特性研究 赵丹
41 同pH和离子强度条件下土壤中ZnP2+P/CdP2+P/NH4P+P的运移特征 孙莹莹
42 基于水分供需关系的冬小麦夏玉米节水灌溉模式研究 刘晓媛
43 Cloud  point extraction coupled with HPLC-DAD for the
   determination of genistein and daidzein in river water
44 三江平原典型环型湿地土壤DOC剖面分布及储量 孔范龙
45 稳定碳同位素在滨海湿地碳生物地球化学循环中的应用 陈莞
46 基于RS   和GIS 技术的湿地景观格局变化研究进展 孔凡婷
47 Advance  in Studies of Dissolved Organic Carbon Flux in Wetland Ecosystem 孔凡婷
48 陕西渭南卤阳湖湿地保护与恢复的工程探析 郗敏
49 土壤溶解性有机碳(DOC)动态变化影响因素研究进展 吴健敏
50 The  study on the measures and countermeasuresof the water management of Luyang  Lake wetland 杨举华
51 Formation  and Evolution of Luyang Lake wetland 杨举华
52 Study  on Ecological Water Requirement of Luyanghu Wetland in Weinan city,Shaanxi  Province 吴健敏
53 Progress  of microbial removal of arsenic from wastewater 孟博
54 The  Numerical Simulation Of Groundwater In The Baisha River Area/Applied  Mechanics and Materials/295-298 冯娟
55 辽河三角洲滨海湿地含水层水文地质参数获取的试验研究/地理科学/34(12) 赵全升
56 辽河三角洲湿地土壤团聚体、颗粒有机质及其碳浓度分布特征/中国农学通报/30(34) 马雪莹
57 大沽河下游地区地下水及地表植被对截渗墙的响应/干旱区资源与环境/28(1) 郭鑫
58 Potassium  Niobate Nanolamina: A
   Promising Adsorbent for Entrapment of
   Radioactive Cations from Water, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 4
59 Simple  pyrolysis of cobalt alginate fibres into Co3O4/C nano/microstructures for a  high-performance lithium ion battery anode, Journal of Materials Chemistry A,  2 Li  Daohao 杨东江
60 Selective  Capture of Iodide from Solutions by Microrosette-like
δ‑Bi2O3, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces , 6
刘龙  杨东江
61 Heterojunctions  in g-C3N4/TiO2(B) nanofibres with exposed (001) plane and enhanced  visible-light
   photoactivity, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1
62 三江平原沟渠系统水体和底泥的养分特征及效应/地理科学/第34卷,第3期 郗敏
63 Thread-like  Supercapacitors Based on One-Step Spun Nanocomposite Yarns/small  孟庆海
64 Nitrogen-doped  one-dimensional (1D) macroporous
   carbonaceous nanotube arrays and their application
   in electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reactions/Nanoscale
65 湿地溶解性有机质(DOM)源识别方法研究综述/地质论评/第60卷,第5期 谢秀风
66 Performance  and granulation in an upflow anaerobic sludge
   blanket (UASB) reactor treating saline sulfate wastewater/Biodegradation/25
67 Performance  and membrane fouling in an integrated membrane
   coagulation reactor (IMCR) treating textile wastewater/Chemical Engineering  Journal/240
68 不同基质条件下厌氧氨氧化反应器中硝化细菌的分离及选育异养AOB菌株的特性/环境工程学报/8(6) 汪晓晨
69 烟气脱硝尾液厌氧氨氧化处理中微生物群落结构分析/生物工程学报/30(12) 李津
70 Tourist  Environmental Capacity of Futuan Estuary National Wetland Park 孔范龙
71 中国南方两类典型土壤对五价锑的吸附行为研究/土壤学报/51(2) 李璐璐
72 Uncertainty  analysis for large-scale prediction of the van Genuchten soil water retention  parameters with pedotransfer functions/Soil research/52(5) 廖凯华
73 胶州湾河口湿地土壤有机碳及氮含量空间分布特征研究/草业学报/23 谢文霞
74 胶州湾芦苇潮滩土壤碳、氮和磷分布及生态化学计量学特征/湿地科学/12(3) 刘文龙
75 Review  of ecological stoichiometry ......in wetland ecosystems/Advanced Materials  Research/864-867 谢文霞
76 nfluence  of Tris (2, 3-dibromopropyl) Isocyanurate on the Expression of Photosynthesis  Genes of Nannochloropsis sp 王玲
77 Adsorption of Cupric  Ion in Wastewater with Natural Oxidized Celluloses 耿存珍
78 天然氧化纤维素的吸附性能 耿存珍
79 绿色水处理剂聚天冬氨酸及其衍生物的研究进展 耿存珍
80 黄河口溶解无机碳时空分布特征及影响因素研究 郭兴森
81 基于地下水野外弥散实验的盘锦滨海湿地水动力弥散参数 胡舒娅
82 Distribution  Characteristics of Soil Organic Carbon in Estuarine Wetland of Qingdao Dagu  River[J].Applied Mechanics and Materials, 孔范龙
83 山东日照傅疃河口湿地脆弱性特征与生态恢复[J],:322-326. 孔范龙
84 Preparation and  electrochemical characterization of Sn-doped TiO2(B) nanotubes as an anode  materials for lithium-ion battery 李建江
85 Removal of Reactive  Black W-2N from synthetic wastewater by an
   integrated membrane coagulation reactor
86 五价锑在中国南方两类典型土壤中的迁移特征 李璐璐
87 Architecture-controlled  synthesis of MxOy (M = Ni,Fe, Cu) microfibres from seaweed biomass for  highperformance lithium ion battery anodes 吕春晓
88 Co3O4 nanoparticle  embedded carbonaceous fibres: a nanoconfinement effect on enhanced  lithium-ion storage 孙瑾
89 Capture of  radioactive cations from water using niobate nanomaterials with layered and  tunnel structures 孙瑾
90 Absorption of NO  into aqueous coal slurry with added FeII(EDTA) in the presence of SO2 孙文寿
91 Tuning and  understanding the phase interface of TiO2 nanoparticles for more efficient  lithium ion storage 王蕊
92 有机磷酸酯在水环境中的残留及生态风险评价 王艺璇
93 Spatial variation of  dissolved organic carbon in soils of riparian wetlands and responses to  hydro-geomorphologic Changes in Sanjiang  Plain,China 郗敏
94 湿地植被地上生物量估算方法研究进展 郗敏
95 木质素作为湿地陆源性溶解有机质(DOM)示踪剂的研究进展 谢秀风
96 大沽河中游地区土壤水与浅层地下水转化关系研究 杨玉峥
97 循环水用阻垢剂的研究进展 张娜
98 Sustainable  seaweed-based one-dimensional (1D) nanofibers as high-performance  electrocatalysts
   for fuel cells
99 Nanostructured  Si-Based Anodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries 朱小奕
100 The  Research Progress of N2O Emission Regulation in Wetlands and the Nitrogen  Interaction on its Emission 谢文霞
101 海岸带盐沼生态系统卤代甲烷释放研究进展 谢文霞


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